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So, you’ve got the skill. You’ve got the vision. And you’ve got the drive. Now all you need is the truck to make it happen.
That’s where we come in. Superior Catering Trucks is the premiere custom food truck builder in Los Angeles, California. We’ve created a one-stop food truck shop. From incredible full builds, to branding, to repairs, to financing dream trucks.
We’d put our team up against anyone. We’ve got a combined 40+ years of experience in the Food Restaurant Service and Installation industry. We take pride in the quality of our work, and work alongside our clients to ensure that their vision becomes reality. Every single brand, truck, and cuisine is different—which is why we believe it’s our innovative creativity, matched with our deep industry knowledge that allows us to build the best trucks in the business.


How it works

Initial consultation

The process starts with a phone call consultation where we go over the following:

Share your vision

Set budget targets

Set goals

Answer questions

Design deposit

Our designers spend an average of 40-55 hours designing each initial build Depending on the details of the build, you can expect to spend:


Build commitment

Make your vision a reality!

Project completion target date

Sign custom build contract and Proposal

40% Payment of total build cost

Manufacturing timeline

Let the building begin.

Total duration from receiving the vehicle/trailer to delivery averages 8-7 weeks.

Final design 1 week

Supply Chain Procurement- 2 weeks

Manufacturing 4-6 weeks

Health inspection appointment for County Permit


Pick-up or delivery options available.

Complete customer or staff onsite training for standard operating procedures.



Our clients include startups, corporate brands, catering companies, and solo entrepreneurs!



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